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Q&A with Maranatha Cleaning

Commited to the deep clean.


 atrina & Doug Davis, owners of Maranatha Cleaning,  a local cleaning service based out of Bigfork.

What does your business offer?

Maranatha Cleaning offers what we and our customers believe to be the very best and most detailed cleaning service available in the Flathead Valley. Maybe even in the entire state!  We don’t do “hit and run” cleaning prevalent in the cleaning industry today, like quickly dusting around objects without taking the time to move them. We go well beyond the industry standard of what is termed a “deep clean.”  Simply put, Maranatha Cleaning takes the time to enter each and every room and clean everything in it to the best of our ability.

Maranatha Cleaning also offers pet and home sitting to its cleaning customers. Catrina has an animal science degree from Texas A&M University, showed Quarter Horses for many years, and ran the front desk of one of the largest veterinary clinics in the state of Texas. She also offers Home Watch Checks for customers who are away for the winter or vacation.

For an affordable fee, Maranatha offers such things as taking the trash to the dump, cleaning BBQ pits, emptying the ashes from fireplaces, cleaning blinds, thoroughly cleaning refrigerators, cleaning ovens, car detailing, grocery pick up/delivery and much more. 

Who are your customers? 

Maranatha Cleaning customers have become our friends, each and every one! For the most part, they are very successful people with high expectations. They demand the same level of attention to detail in cleaning from Maranatha Cleaning as they themselves devote to their own business ventures. They range from Montana cowboys to international business executives, physicians, nationally known interior designers, IT software developers, and many more. They are driven, attentive, focused and courteous. They are the salt of the earth and awesome people! Maranatha Cleaning loves its customers and loves serving them!  

How did you become a small business owner? 

Catrina has been a small business owner for many years. She ran a small pet sitting company in Houston, Texas. Upon moving to Montana, Catrina saw a need for a different kind of cleaner. While staying in different hotels and houses, she noticed hair or dirt in places and it drove her crazy. She is the consummate cleaner. She started cleaning for one of her pet sitting customers who was so thrilled at the level of detail that she referred Catrina to a friend, and Maranatha Cleaning was born. Although Maranatha Cleaning does have a web presence, most of our advertising is by word of mouth. As a result, Maranatha Cleaning’s customer base has doubled every year.  

Why did you choose the Flathead Valley? 

I don’t think we chose the Flathead Valley. I think the Flathead Valley chose us. We were looking for a place that had the feeling of home. When we drove toward Bigfork and saw the sign, we said together “this is it!” We’ve been here ever since. In our humble opinions, the Flathead Valley has the most beautiful views and best people anywhere in the USA.  

What do you like about owning a business here?  

Just to be able to live and work in an area of such stunning scenery is a blessing! The Flathead Valley is growing and we’re growing with it. The companies and suppliers we deal with still have that friendliness that most cities and developed areas seemed to have lost. The Flathead Valley is a little more laid back and we really enjoy that. 

What do you find is the most challenging? 

To be honest, even blunt, I think most small to midsize employers would agree, the most challenging business dilemma is employees. Finding employees that have integrity, honesty, and dependability. That’s the most challenging aspect of growing a business. Maranatha Cleaning is very picky and protective of its customers, so finding a person that we’re willing to send into a customer’s private domain is difficult.  

From your perspective, what does it take to succeed as an entrepreneur in the Flathead? 

Do what you say you’re going to do. Do it when you say you’re going to do it, and do it to the very best of your ability, each and every time. Quality trumps quantity. Remember, your word is your bond! 

How have you seen the Flathead Valley change in your time doing business here?

The Flathead Valley is changing. That’s a fact. More people are coming in, and that’s both a good thing and bad thing. When we came here, we wanted to be like the locals. We wanted to experience and live as Montanans did. The increase in population certainly benefits business owners within the Flathead. However, there is a boundary where the mass of population starts to impact the coveted quality of life long held by Montanans. We know we’ve added to it, and we hope that’s made a positive impact. 


Maranatha Cleaning

439 Grand Drive 144, Bigfork, MT  59911



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