Love Letter

Holy Smokes, we did it. 

Thanks to you.

Elma Giavasis | Boss owner of Highline Design Co. & Go Local Flathead Valley 


Clare Menzel, Whitefish Montana, ski, author


Back when it became evident that Corona was not just a beer you drink when you’re all out of the good (local) stuff, it felt wrong to talk about anything other than surviving. It was difficult to wonder how this cheery magazine would fit into the ever-devolving doomscape of 2020. Producing a grassroots publication is no small task, even in “normal” times, and we hoped it wasn’t foolhardy to press on, COVID be damned. We resolved to stomach any losses in hopes that, at the very least, a vibrant representation of our community would bring a smile to our readers during a tough time. We’re humbled and deeply grateful that our ride-or-die Flathead Valley advertisers committed to this magazine when the world turned upside down and nobody knew what would happen next. We still don’t have that crystal ball, but here’s something we do know: We’re so stupidly lucky to be here, with you. See you next time.



The Go Local Team



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Editor’s Note –  Living Here Will Make You Crazy

Editor’s Note – Living Here Will Make You Crazy

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River Wild?

River Wild?

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“You guys either have vision, or you’re completely nuts”

“You guys either have vision, or you’re completely nuts”

Love Letter"YOU GUYS EITHER HAVE VISIONOR YOU’RE COMPLETELY NUTS" – Pete Costain, our unfortunate cover model for Go Local Summer 2021Probably a little bit of both. The folks at Highline Design Co. reluctantly stepped into the publication business. We never intended...

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