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Love Letter



– Pete Costain, our unfortunate cover model for Go Local Summer 2021

Probably a little bit of both.

The folks at Highline Design Co. reluctantly stepped into the publication business. We never intended (or desired) to run a magazine. Yet, here we are. And since we were given the chance, we choose to do something interesting with it. We’re here to tell the stories of the real culture of the valley, to support other creatives, and to offer you something that definitely isn’t boring. To all our contributors, readers, advertisers, and partners; thank you, thank you, thank you!


The Go Local Team

Introducing: the people of Highline who are nuts enough to put this thing together for your viewing pleasure.

Elma Giavasis

“I love mountains, I do. But this valley is more than that all-too-famous photo-op at Lake McDonald (you know the one). There are a whole bunch of crazy people doing strange and wonderful things here. I love how Go Local keeps me connected and grounded.”

George Giavasis

“Sometimes, when concepts coalesce around this magazine, I feel like we’re making public art as much as we’re making a magazine. I love working with local creatives to offer the public something a little out of the ordinary.”

Jill Johns

“It’s all the different people I get to know while working on an issue. It makes me feel more connected to the place I live while making content relevant to our locals and visitors. Plus, telling people I work for a magazine feels a bit like a teenhood dream after watching too many mid-’90s rom-coms.”


Photos by: Mandy Mohler of Field Guide Designs (she may as well be Go Local staff at this point, too)


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