krusty’s stuff

One of our favorite local artists shares a few deets and doodles.


Clare Menzel, Whitefish Montana, ski, author


Full name:  Kristin French Overman

Nickname: Krusty

Source of Nickname: The amount of Aquanet on her punk hairdo in high school

Born: Jersey Shore

Home: Whitefish, ca. 2009–

Lucrative summer job: Driving a forklift in Alaska’s fishing industry

Winter job: creating bad-ass art and salty characters

Near-miss job: designing girls’ clothes for Kmart

Favorite salty character: A clam smoking a cigarette in a pair of Converse, saying, “What?”

Favorite tool: Black Sharpie

Work uniform: Vintage red apron from a long-ago thrift store

Inspiration: ’80s punk, skateboarding, snowboarding, the mountains

Future projects: Designing wallpaper or ceramics




Photo by: Mandy Mohler

Doodles on Photo by: Krusty


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