The natural splendor that surrounds us here in Northwest Montana has inspired artists for generations. While that inspiration can take many forms, here are five local artists whose work pushes the boundaries of tradition.
The Arts & Culture Council of Kalispell (ACCK) is a collective of artists who are passionate about cultivating our valley’s creative voice. ACCK was formed last year as a means to advance the contemporary arts in and around Kalispell by connecting artists, hosting programs and events, and funding artists in the greater Flathead Valley.



The Arts & Culture Council of Kalispell is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. For more information, go to kalispellart.org.

Woman To Woman, 2021

Kelly Chuning
49 x 70 x 4 inches  |  Wool and foam
“It’s All Just Talk” investigates the impact of rhetoric surrounding women, exploring the political and personal dynamics of language forming identity.

Entanglement, 2021

Heidi Marie Faessel
40 x 18 x 18 inches  |  Pantyhose, stuffing
This piece is an exploration of the fleeting and everlasting nature of human complexity.

First/Last Kill, 2002

Tessa Heck
8 x 11 inches  |  Watercolor, gouache on paper
“I grew up in a hunting household and shot this antelope with my dad when I was 12. When I look back now at the fear I had of harvesting an animal as someone who eats meat, it reminds me of the mass of contradictions I hold. Why am I afraid of death when I knowingly consume it?”

Lost Leader, 2021

Olivia Stark
48 x 60 inches  |  Acrylic on canvas

The Men

Monica Gilles-BringsYellow
16 x 24 inches  |  Mixed media: acrylic and resin
An old photograph brought to life featuring Salish and Pend O’rielle Tribal members at a celebration on the Flathead Reservation. Two of the members are John Delaware and Michael Kiser, who would later die in a bus accident in Glacier. The third is unknown.

Limnal Lacrimosa, 2021

Mary Mattingly
90’ L x 32’ W x 24’ H  |  Stone, water, clay, steel, wood, plants, water pumps and tubing, neon LED light
Water cycles through the building and vessels in the original Kalispell Malting and Brewing Company.

Chief Mountain

Terrance Guardipee
12 x 8 inches  |  Acrylic paint


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