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Keeping Small Businesses Secure

Adversis offers peace of mind through unparalleled cyber security assurance for businesses throughout Montana.


“Noah and Jordan Potti spent the first decade of their career legally hacking into Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and military organizations. Fortunately they were the good guys, tasked with testing for online vulnerabilities and designing solutions. Now the brothers are harnessing their years of experience and knowledge to help Montana businesses protect themselves from cyberattacks.

Why the switch from big corporations to small Montana-based businesses? Noah and Jordan realized that most cyber security shops weren’t focused on the backbone of the American dream—small businesses—and serving that sector appealed to them.

“We saw small businesses getting attacked a lot, yet nobody was serving that audience,” said Jordan. “And when we started digging in and working to create a product and service that small businesses could consume, we realized it was a lot more fulfilling.”

Their observation wasn’t wrong. Small businesses make up the majority of all U.S. businesses and are the top target for cyber attacks, representing 43% of all data breaches. Noah and Jordan founded Adversis in 2018 to focus on helping small and medium businesses take on even the most advanced threats.

Adversis is working to create a future where highly effective cyber security is the norm and breaches are less frequent. Noah and Jordan have designed their offerings to make security improvements easy to understand and implement. They also help business owners feel empowered to ask the right questions of their vendors.

“If you have someone who does your payroll, taxes, or manages your website, all of those are potential avenues of risk,” Jordan explained. “Instead of assuming your data is safe, be proactive in holding others accountable for making sure they are, in fact, keeping it secure.”

While cyber security is complex and there are countless ways companies can become vulnerable to an attack, Jordan and Noah explained that some of the simplest, yet most important things are often overlooked. Things like having strong passwords and multi-factor authentication.

“I think that’s why we’re here,” said Noah. “To help businesses better understand their risk and sift through the complicated information out there in order to determine the path and solution that is best for their business.”

The first step in understanding risk is realizing that businesses of any size are vulnerable.

“People will think they aren’t big enough to be a target, or that because they have anti-virus or a firewall installed, they are good,” Noah explained.

As for what the future holds for Adversis, Jordan said, “When someone thinks of cyber security in northwest Montana, we want Adversis to be the name that pops in their head. Not just because a lot of people have done business with Adversis, but because we hire local talent, we put on events like cybersecurity conferences, we do community outreach and education around cyber security. That’s where we hope to take things in the future.”

The Potti brothers know that cyber security can be really intimidating. Their mission is to provide business owners with peace of mind, allowing them to spend their time and energy on running their business, knowing their data is secure.

“Our whole existence is so you don’t have to think about it,” Jordan said. “We’re local guys trying to help local businesses.”


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