Hello writers of Northwest Montana! Go Local is a place where stories about our region’s entrepreneurs live alongside pieces about our growing arts and culture scene, as well as adventure in the rugged Crown of the Continent ecosystem.

That’s where you come in, writers. We are now accepting pitches for the Summer issue.

The theme of the issue is ‘The Bright Side’: 

After two years of pandemic, watching the housing market lose its mind, and the tensions around growth and change and community and identity, it can be easy to focus on the problems.

But the stories we tell each other shape how we view our wonderful little valley. While we don’t want to pretend problems don’t exist, let’s take a minute to acknowledge the sunshine, not just the clouds: who is doing something awesome, right here, right now? We’re looking for stories that inspire us, lift us up, and give us a reason to keep fighting the good fight.

Possible story directions:

  • The bright side of issues we’ve struggled with in the valley (the housing crisis, development, COVID…, etc.). This is a tough one.
  • Everyone says we’re a nation divided. What unites us?
  • The bright side of welcoming a flock of new transplants to the valley. We know, we know – locals are a salty bunch. But there are definitely some fabulous people who moved here. Who are they and what do they bring to the valley?
  • Nonprofits, groups, and individuals who have stepped up in an unprecedented way
  • Just some good ol’ local feel good stories
  • Your ideas welcome!

Pitch deadline: March 6, 2022. Email your ideas to

Some Fine Print:

Your pitch can be as simple as a single paragraph description of your idea. If we aren’t familiar with your writing, a link to an example is helpful.

Compensation (per word) is based on experience.
Pitches that are self-promotional in nature may not qualify for compensation.
Businesses chosen to be highlighted are often pulled from our list of advertisers (hint hint). 

Contact us with questions and pitches here:

email: | call: 406.838.6498

We’re looking for story ideas in the following categories:


1,000 to 2,500 words

We’re looking for creative long-form reportage that goes beyond the basic facts with captivating storytelling, strong characters, and immersive scenes. So pitch a story idea, not just a topic. We like trend stories–what’s changing or evolving here in the Flathead Valley? We also love intimate dives into niche sub-cultures. All features for this issue fit into one (at least) of these three themes:

  1. Entrepreneurial spirit and economy
  2. Adventure – of all shapes and sizes – and the outdoors.
  3. Arts, culture, creativity, and innovation


50-word intro, 400 words of pull quotes

An interview with a distinctive and relevant local artist in the Flathead Valley about their creative inspiration, process, and worldview. Let’s pass them the mic, and share their unfiltered take with our audience.


50-word intro, 400 words of pull quotes

Typically this section is an interview with a swashbuckling athlete about their grit, lessons learned, and memorable moments. More hardcore doesn’t necessarily mean more authoritative, in our minds—we want to hear from people who can tell a story about how the natural landscape of Northwest Montana shapes our culture. 


200 to 800 words

This is the meaty front-of-the-book section where reported stories about Flathead County live. They can be character-driven or issue-based. Be curious, be clever, be creative. Get weird. Creative non-fiction ideas are welcome. We’re also interested in highly visual, design-based ideas. Must be seasonally appropriate and shelf-stable, ideally with a topical hook.


500 to 700 words

Pokes fun at trends, traditions, politics, and culture. Tone-wise, think cheeky, goofy, and smart. Remember: Punch up. Highbrow-style writing about lowbrow topics is the holy grail.


50 to 500 words

This is where straight-up first-person adventure stories and trip reports live. We want submissions from everyone and anyone. We want to hear about backcountry accomplishments, near misses, total disasters, and camaraderie. We like poetic, but not ornate, language that helps us see what you saw. We love high-resolution photos submitted with descriptive captions—think of this as an opportunity to elevate your Instagram-style soliloquies. Accepted on spec. Original content only, please. And do not actually send us your Insta post.

Accepted on spec, on a continuous rolling basis.

We’re so excited to hear what story ideas you have, friends. Thank you for helping us make this local magazine become a rich reflection of the goodness, creativity, and wonder of the Flathead Valley.