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Why Shop Local?

The Flathead Valley is unlike any other place in the world. By choosing to keep your spending local, you help to maintain the diversity and distinctive character that makes the Flathead such a special place. You help keep the Flathead’s local economy strong and growing.


  • Strengthen the Flathead’s economy: Research shows that if you shift a portion of your spending from national chains and the Internet to independent locally owned and operated businesses, you can have a dramatic effect on your local economy. On average, for every $100 spent locally at independently owned stores, shops, and restaurants, $48 is re-circulated in the local economy. When $100 is spent at national chains, only $14 stays in the local economy.
  • Create local jobs: Small, local businesses generally employ more people per dollar of revenue than chain stores. Plus, they’re much more likely to rely on local services for their business operations, further increasing local business opportunities.
  • Buy it where you try it: Taking advantage of local businesses means you can try on and try out items before you buy them, reducing the hassle of returning it later. Plus, local businesses can often offer expertise that chain stores can’t to help you make an educated purchase, and they can usually order an item for you if they don’t have it right then.
  • Invest in our community’s creativity and entrepreneurship: Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors who create one-of-a-kind businesses in an increasingly homogenized world. They build strong communities by sustaining vibrant town centers, linking us all in a web of economic and social relationships, and contributing to local causes.
  • Give back through local spending: Small businesses donate more than twice as much of their revenue as chain stores, supporting local non-profits, teams, and events in our community.
  • Establish people-oriented places: Independent businesses typically take up less land than box stores. They’re usually located in walkable or bikeable areas closer to residents, reducing traffic and air pollution. Neighborhood-scale businesses encourage interaction and conversation, building relationships and trust within our community.
  • Keep the Flathead Valley special: Local, one-of-a-kind businesses add to the unique character of the Flathead. They provide more choices and specialized services tailored to our community’s needs. Plus, local business owners become local leaders, helping to shape future development in our cities, towns, and county. Local ownership ensures that important decisions are made by people who live in our community and who will feel the impact of those decisions. They are invested in the well-being of our community and its future.

For more benefits of shopping local and sources, visit the American Independent Business Alliance website.

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